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Re: Plot Image Size

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  • From: paulh (P.J. Hinton)
  • Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 03:49:38 -0500
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In article <73i2oc$q0t at>, Lawrence Walker
<lwalker701 at> writes:

|> Recently, I needed to compare a Mathematica generated plot to a |>
hardcopy.  I wanted to printout the Mathematica plot on a "vu-graph" |>
and use it to overlay the hardcopy.  I had to continually resize the |>
plot until the scales of both the Mathematica plot and the hardcopy |>
matched.    I even tried to use the on-screen ruler.  The ruler proved
|> cumbersome.  Does anyone know an efficient way to set the image size
of |> a plot upon printout given the expected length or width?

Note that the Mathematica 3.0 front end is not a completely WYSIWYG
tool.  There are separate environments designed for what is seen 
onscreen and what is printed in hardcopy.  The environments are 
defined in the notebook's style sheet and are designed based on the
belief that screen real estate is cheaper than paper, so you want to
pack things in tighter when you generate hardcopy.

For the case of graphics, the magnification level of a Graphics style
cell is set to 80 % of the original.  You can override this by doing
the following.

1) Click on the notebook window with the graphic.

2) Click on the following front end menu command sequence:

	Format -> Edit Style Sheet...

3) On the resulting dialog box, click on "Import Private Copy."  A
notebook window for the style sheet will appear.

4) Locate the group of prototypes for the Graphics style.  Double-click
on the cell bracket to expand the cell group.

5) Click on the bracket for the cell that is the modification of the 
Graphics style for the Printout environment.

6) Click on the front end menu command sequence:

	Format -> Option Inspector...

7) Set the scope indicator listbox at the top of the Option Inspector
dialog to read "selection".

8) Type in "Magnification" in the Lookup text field.  This should expose
the option by that name.  Change the value in the text field from 0.8
to 1.

9) Close the Option Inspector dialog and the style sheet notebook.

Now when you print the graphic in the notebook, the image sizes will
match.  You can specify the final image size of the graphic with the
ImageSize option.  For example:

	Plot[Sin[x], {x,0,2Pi}, ImageSize->{300,200}]

P.J. Hinton	
Mathematica Programming Group		paulh at Wolfram Research,
Inc. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed
herein are those of the author alone.

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