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Re: Problem With AxesOrigin

In article <73i36c$q20 at>, Wretch <arc at>
writes: |> Hello -- sometimes when I plot a function  Mathematica
decides to put |> the origin of the coordinate system in a spot where I
don't want it.  |> The natural fix seems to be the option AxesOrigin. 
For instance, |> 
|> Plot[ugly[x],{x,a,b},AxesOrigin->{0,0}] |> 
|> Simple enough.  However, there are times when Mathematica appears to
be |> trying to place the origin of the coordinate system where I want
it, |> but it doesn't print out the axis lines near the region of my
origin of |> choice.  It's as if it recognizes where I want the origin,
but it |> doesn't want to print out the axes in the normal manner. |> 
|> It's hard to explain in's a graphical illustration |> 
|> Unwanted Origin = {1,1} (Mathematica's initial choice): |> 
|>        |
|>        |
|>        |
|>        |
|>        |__________    
|>      (1,1)
|> When I use AxesOrigin->{0,0}
|>        |
|>        |
|>        | 
|>        |  
|>            __________
|>      (0,0)
|> Note how Mathematica curiously omits segments of the axis lines near
the |> origin of my choice.
|> Has anyone else out there experienced this?  How may I remedy it?

The reason you are encountering this problem is that you have specified 
an axis origin that is outside the PlotRange of the original graphic.
The behavior is documented in the book _Mathematica Graphics:
Techiniques & Applications_ by Tom Wickham-Jones.

The fix is to specify a PlotRange that includes both the origin and the

(* BAD *)

Plot[x, {x,1,2}, AxesOrigin -> {0,0}]

(* GOOD *)

Plot[x, {x,1,2}, AxesOrigin -> {0,0},PlotRange -> {{0,3},{0,3}}]

P.J. Hinton	
Mathematica Programming Group		paulh at Wolfram Research,
Inc. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed
herein are those of the author alone.

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