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Re: Help, I have Syntax Errors in allmost all files

Take a look at the package Corruption.m located at,

It is a work in progress by WRI, and may help you  in your darkest hour.


In article <6tp3u2$347 at>, bcash at (Bill) wrote:

> Hi all,
>         What misery has befallen me, whoa is me.  I accidently deleted a
> directory with quite a few notebooks in it.  No problem I thought, just
> get out the trusty Norton undelete program.  It did work like a charm
> and "recovered" all of my notebooks.  My problem now is that over half
> of the notebooks that I open have syntax errors in them. 
>         The exact message that I get is "There was a syntax error in the file
> being read.  This indicates that the file has become corrupted, or was
> generated incorrectly......."  The next message that I get tells me
> that there was a syntax error on line so and so and tells me that "the
> error was a syntax error on line % Id in the file %s.  The error was
> %s."  Is Mathematica telling me a specific error or referring to a
> previous output?  Sometimes the file opens  with the affected part
> highlighted.  But I don't know the syntax well enough to spot an error.
>         I suspect that the recovery program probably inserted the same
> character in all the files.  I think that if I poke around in them a
> bit I can find something common to all,  but what to look for and more
> importantly with what text editor?  I have about 60 files that I would
> like to recover.  Any suggestions where I should start or what I ought
> to be looking for?  
> Thanks for "listening" to me and even greater thanks for any help you
> can offer.
> Bill

David Reiss
dreissNOSPAM at
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