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Re: Re: Greek characters and EPS format

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg14092] Re: [mg14083] Re: Greek characters and EPS format
  • From: Christian Keysers <ck6 at>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 03:15:19 -0400
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

Just to make you guys feel better: using an SGI isn't any less
frustrating for EPS files, and it doesn't even accept to output wmf
files... The EPS files can be opened with Micrographix Designer, but,
just as on the screen, as soon as you change font size, the axes labels
are all over the place. Well, I supose for a software that only costs
UKP 1000,- you can't expect details like graphics for your publications
to work now do you? :)


Christian Keysers
School of Psychology
University of St-Andrews
St. Andrews
Scotland KY16 9JU
Tel.: +44.1334.462035
Fax.: +44.1334.463042

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Peter Buttgereit wrote:

> In article <6u204c$u2 at>, kuska at says...
> > Hi Carles,
> > 
> > my  experience with Corel 8 & Mathematicas fonts is extrem bad.
> > 
> > At the first look is seems more easy to export Windows meta files from
> > Mathematica and read the meta files into Corel Draw.
> > 
> > Unfortunately Corel Draw show nothing when it reads Mathematica's meta
> > files or crashes when the meta file information is copied via
> > clipboard.
> > 
> > The only graphic program that read and show the fonts in Mathematica's
> > meta files correctly is the Designer 7 from Micrografx. I assume it is
> > a bug in Corel Draw.
> > 
> > The problem with the import via "PostScript interpreted" is the font
> > translation form
> > PostScript -> Windows True Type.
> > It may be resolved when the Adobe Type Manager is installed and uses the
> > Type 1
> > PostScript fonts of Mathematica.
> > If You don't have the Adobe Type Manager the "clever" Panose Font
> > comparsion takes
> > place. That works fine for text fonts. For the symbol fonts from
> > Mathematica  it produces nonsense. In principal You have in the
> > options-tree (the german menu labels are Extras | Optionen | Text |
> > Schriften. Sorry we have only an German Corel Draw from the CP-program
> > of the Max-Planck Institut and I have no idea how the dutch or englisch
> > version is labeled) a button "Panose-Schrift abgleich". If  You press
> > the button You get a dialog where
> > You can declare exceptions. There You must add Math1 to the missing
> > fonts and replace
> > it by Math1-Normal, Math1Mono by Math1Mono-Normal ... for all the fonts
> > You need.
> > 
> > Than, hopefully You get the fonts imported. I have seen installations
> > where this
> > works and I have also seen Corel Draw 8 versions where it fails. Corel
> > is working on a bugfix-patch of several MBytes for the international
> > versions
> > and in some weeks, years or in Corel Draw 9 it will correct  read
> >  - windows metafiles (WMF,EMF)
> >  - Adobe Illustrator
> >  - symbol fonts
> > form Mathematica
> > 
> > Hope that helps
> >   Jens
> > 
> > PS: I recomment Designer 7 & Export/Import of metafiles when You plan to
> Hi Jens, hi Carles,
> I may discourage you, but Adobe Type Manager didn't help -- I tried. #
> Trying to read a wmf saved from within Mathematica with Corel 8 will 
> give me "Not enaugh memory" messages for files with less than 8k. Using
> the clipboard simply lets Corel crash. # I have converted all
> Mathematica fonts to Type 1 fonts, installed them  instead of the ttf
> via ATM -- with no success, except that Mathematica  really didn't like
> that. I had to manipulate some *.tr files and the  windows registry to
> get it work with the Type 1 fonts at all. # You can use Copy
> As|Metafile, Paste into Word 97, save the word doc,  re-open the doc,
> copy the graphics to the clipboard, paste it into Corel  8 as Metafile
> (use Paste As...) -- it sounds funny, but sometimes it  works.
> # With Illustrator 7 ("Tryout") I had font problems as well. I get 
> bullets instead of Arial Text...
> # With eps from Mathematica Styles for Frames and Axes are lost (in my 
> experience); if you don't care about that, you can use this format 
> together with ghostview.
> My "solution" is to get graphics as close to optimal as possible with 
> Mathematica, export'em as bmp and do necessary changes with respective 
> programs then.
> The "graphics situation" with Mathematica on the windows platform is
> very  frustrating.
> * Anybody out there who can tell good experience about how to get  *
> Mathematica graphics exported to a good graphics program and then in  *
> good quality to a format suitable for word/w? (*--yeah: "why word, why
> ms??" -> You wanna make money? You have to  deliver the format your
> market demands.*)
> Looking forward to better integration of Mathematica in Windows- cheers,
> Peter

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