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Printing 3d plots under Win95


I'm trying to configure some PCs running Win95 to print correctly to a
networked HP 4M printer from Mathematica 3.0.0.  I've played with
various printer drivers and settings to no avail.  Here's the problem.
Presumably this is a FAQ, but I haven't seen the answer anywhere.

The graphic that results from the command


gets truncated in the middle of the figure.  It prints correctly with a
lower value of PlotPoints (10, for example).

This same graphic ALSO prints correctly, to the same HP 4M, and with the
same value of PlotPoints (40), from my Unix box, which also has
Mathematica 3.0.0.  I can ALSO print this figure from my PC, again with
the same value of PlotPoints (40), to an HP IIISi that has considerably
less memory than the 4M.  It's only the combination of PC+HP 4M that
does not work.

Do anyone have any suggestions about what choice of driver and settings
I should use to get this working?  Thanks a bunch.

Chris Goedde
goedde at cascade dot phy dot depaul dot edu

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