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Re: AxesFront

The standared way of allowing only accepable options through to known
functions is to use the packages  Utilities`FilterOptions` , but in your
case it may be simpler to remove the unwanted option:

gr = FilledListPlot[{{1, 2}, {2, -1}, {3, 2}}]

DeleteCases[gr, _[ AxesFront, _], Infinity]


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Andrew Watson <abwatson at> wrote in message
news:7fp6op$3fe at
> Matherati,
> I am using FilledListPlot to create a graphic, which subsequetly gets
> combined with other graphics, and displayed using Show. Intermittently I
> get the error:
> Graphics::"optx": "Unknown option \!\(AxesFront\) in
> and the result is the grayed box with a message stating that there was a
> problem with the drawing commands.
> AxesFront is an option to FilledListPlot, but I am not overtly setting it.
> Any ideas how to deal with this problem?
> Regards,
> Andrew

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