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Re: Help tracking down a Bug

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  • Subject: [mg18999] Re: [mg18955] Help tracking down a Bug
  • From: "Andrzej Kozlowski" <andrzej at>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 13:44:40 -0400
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I can only report that I came across this behaviour soon after I upgraded to
Mmm 4.0. (PowerBook G3 233 mhghz, 160 Meg RAM, MacOS 8.6) and a few times
after that. I intended to report it but could not find a way to reproduce it
(and still can't). I had the impression that the bug tended to happen after
clicking on the zoom box in a notebook window but of course only under some
very special circumstances, which I could not isolate.  Curiously I have not
experienced it for at least a week now.
Andrzej Kozlowski
Toyama International University

>From: dreiss at (David Reiss)
To: mathgroup at
>To: mathgroup at
>Subject: [mg18999] [mg18955] Help tracking down a Bug
>Date: Fri, Jul 30, 1999, 6:33 AM

> [Moderator: this doesn't seem to have made it oo
> to the comp.soft-sys.math.mathematic after having posted it
> several days ago so I am reposting it.  Thanks-- David]
> I have run into the following bug quite often with
> Mathematica V4 on the Mac.  I am having a hard time
> finding a deterministically reproducible way of
> making it happen. I have reported it to WRI bugs, but
> in order to help them reproduce it and then
> diagnose and fix it I need to be able to make it happen.
> There is already a problem report number assigned to this
> bug at WRI, so if you have a reproducible example please
> send it on to me and I will report it under the same problem
> number.
> What happens is this: When running Mathemaica
> with one or several windows open
> (and perhaps with an evaluation running in one window)
> if I click from one window to another (perhaps a window
> in another application) I will get an alert dialogue box
> saying that there was not enough memory to display a cell
> in the notebook, that the cell has been closed
> and can be opened when memory has been freed by closing other
> windows. The dialogue box has an "OK" checkbox. When the
> checkbox is clicked on the dialogue box is redisplayed,
> ad infinitum.
> However, in all cases that this has occured
> I clearly do have enough memory
> assigned to both the front end and the kernel.
> I have run into this problem a number of times
> (at least once every a day) and on occasion it has
> caused the notebook in question to be severely corrupted.
> When Mathematica is quit and restarted the notebook in question
> will open correctly without the dialogue
> box being generated (if of course the notebook
> was not corrupted in the prior quitting process).
> My question is whether anyone else has run across
> this behavior and if so are you able to reproduce it at will?
> This is quite a serious bug -- but it is even not clear if it is
> a Mac OS or a Mathematica bug, though I do suspect that,
> if a Mathematica bug, it is a FrontEnd bug.
> Just for the record I am using V 4.0.0 on
> a 333 MHZ powerbook G3 with 192 Meg of physical ram
> with VM turned off and using OS 8.6.  The FrontEnd has 25 Meg
> and the Kernel has between 50 and 100 Meg assigned
> to it (depending on the calculation that I am performing).
> The problem has occured with many different configurations
> of FronteEnd and Kernel memory assignments and in all cases
> when the problem occurs plenty of the FrontEnd memory
> and the Kernel memopry is still avaliable.
> --David
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