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Re: Automatic Display in MatrixForm

Dave Withoff apparently suggested:

 StandardForm] :=
  RowBox[{"(", GridBox[Map[Function[t,MakeBoxes[t,StandardForm],HoldAll],

Two interesting cases are:

(1)    Output from Solve will now get displayed as a 'Matrix',
       which I think is highly undesirable. For instance,
       if Solve returns an answer such as

            {{x -> 3}}

       then it will now be presented as

             (x -> 3)

       which can cause a lot of confusion. I would suggest 
       eliminating this possibilility by adding the exclusion

               FreeQ[t, Rule] === True

        to yield 
        Function[t,  MatrixQ[Unevaluated[t]] && (t =!= {{}} && 
                             FreeQ[t, Rule] === True), HoldAll]

(2).  Let:

         lis = { {}, {}, {}, {} ... }

      Some functions might generate output like this.
      This generates a BEEP when Mathematica tries to format
      it as a "Matrix". I can't think of a nice general way to 
      exclude such cases.



Colin Rose 
tr(I)    -  Theoretical Research Institute
colin at

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