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Re: Simple edit ...

In article <7pipjn$39t$1 at> , Alan Lewis 
<alanlewis at>  wrote:

> FullForm shows why it doesn't work. A work around is
> z/.Sqrt[d+e]->L/.(1/Sqrt[d+e])->1/L
> "Michael L. Stokes" wrote:
>> Consider the following examaple;
>> z = (a+Sqrt[d+e])/(a Sqrt[d+e])
>> z //. Sqrt[d+e] ->L
>> The replacement function only replaces the instance of Sqrt[d+e] in the
>> numerator and leaves the instance in the denominator alone.  Why does
>> this not work and what is the work around?
>> Regards,
>> Mike
A simple solution is
z/.d+e->L^2 //PowerExpand

William M. MacDonald
Professor of Physics
University of Maryland

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