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RE: Real coefficients in complex numbers

Niels Langager Ellegaard  wrote:

If you are calculations with complex numbers: a + I b How do you state
that a and b are real? For example I might want to calculate the real
part of

a + 1/(b + 1/(1/I c + d)) ; Where a,b,c,d are real

Can this be done in a nice way. (Yes, I do know how to do the
calculation by hand)


Use ComplexExpand.

"ComplexExpand[expr] expands expr assuming that all variables are real.
ComplexExpand[expr, {x1, x2, ... }] expands expr assuming that
variables matching any of the xi are complex."

Re[a + 1/(b + 1/(1/I c + d))]//ComplexExpand

(* Output not shown *)

Ted Ersek

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