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Re: Notebook -> Kernel

Hello Andre,

no solution. 

The notebook contains no Mathematica commands it contains the markup
for the document ! So the input 


is in Cell[] like


You may read the Notebook with

nb= <<test.nb

and use nb /. Cell[expr_,"Input",___] :> ToExpression[expr] to evaluate
the contents
of the input cells but result will not be a evaluated notebook !

The usual way is to write a plain text file with the
Mathematica commands and write a log file os the session. Several
log-file packages are on MathSource and Roman M"ader has two (one for
automatic Notebook creation) in the third edition of "Programming in

Hope that helps


Andre Fachat wrote:
> Hi!
> I am trying to save a Mathematica 3 Notebook to use it directly with the
> kernel (the notebook reads a file with parameters and writes the output
> to another file and I want to automize this).
> However nothing I tried works. The best I got was to save the notebook
> as text and pipe it to the kernel. Some commands get evaluated  but for
> others that work fine from the Notebook Frontend  produce lots of error
> messages.
> Platform is Linux/X11.
> Any ideas?

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