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Re: send notebook expression by Email

Hi Arnold,

you see the internal form of Mathematica's boxes. The box information is
needed to typeset the expressions in the notbook. 
You can send the notebook by e-mail and every Mathematica will
the expressions with the "undesirable characters".

If you only send a singe cell of the notebook you can simply use cut and
to transfer the expression.

Hope that helps

"Arnold.Blaisonneau" wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to send notebook expression by Email but when I copy this
> notebook expression in the message undesirable characters appears; for
> example:
> \!\(calculcoef[aa_,
>       bb_] := \n\t\(\(Module\)\([\)\({z1, z2, spol}, \n\t\tspol =
>         aa + I\ bb; \n\t\tz1[0] = Abs[spol];
>       z1[1] = Arg[spol]; \n\t\txx0 = \ at \(z1[0]/DT\);
>       yy0 = z1[1]/2; \n\t\tz1[0] = xx0*ri; z1[1] =
> yy0;\)\)\).............
> instead of
> calculcoef[aa_, bb_] := Module[{z1, z2, spol}, spol =  aa + I bb; z1[0]
> = Abs[spol];
>       z1[1] = Arg[spol]; xx0 = z1[0]/DT;
>       yy0 = z1[1]/2; z1[0] = xx0*ri; z1[1] = yy0;.....................
> I think it's a problem of format but Idon't know how to do!
> If anyone could help me;
> Thanks

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