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Re: trouble with printing

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 22:33:01 -0400
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In article <7m1682$pp4 at>, phbrf at (Peter Breitfeld)

> I run in some trouble when printing a Mathematica 4.0 (Linux) notebook:
> I have a small notebook and printed it to a file. Then I looked at it
> whith ghostview and everything was fine. No I printed the odd pages
> and then the even pages on the back side of the sheet. But now, on the
> back sides the umlauts and some other characters dissapeared (eg the
> =B0). If I print the file in one step everything is displayed properly.
> Does Mathematica produce strange ps-code, is this a ghostscript bug,
> can it be fixed?

I am not sure how Ghostview/Ghostscript manages duplex printing like what
you describe above, but I suspect that I know what is going wrong.

Common Type 1 fonts like Times, Courier, and Helvetica use Adobe Standard
Encoding.  To access characters like \[UDoubleDot] and \[Degree], a
PostScript-generating program must reencode the font.

At the beginning of PostScript file created by the notebook printing
operation, you'll find a little snippet of code that reads:

    /newfontname exch def
    /oldfontname exch def

    oldfontname findfont
    dup length dict begin
        {1 index /FID ne {def} {pop pop} ifelse} forall
        /Encoding ISOLatin1Encoding def

    newfontname exch definefont pop
} def

This allows us to reencode the font for ISOLatin1.  Further on down the
file, there will be definitions for ISOLatin encoded font names.

/Times-Roman /Times-Roman-MISO MISOfy

If Ghostview is not prudent about the way it rearranges PostScript code,
it may well be that the reencoding operator does not apply throughout the
modifed PostScript file, which would account for the disappearances you

> 1. When printing I select papersize A4 - works ok. Margins are set to 1".
>    But the margins are much smaller when printed. Why?

Which margins are you speaking of?  Left/right or bottom/top?

> 2. How can I set the default paper-size to A5. I tried the options
>    inspector (settings papersize) and to enter 597.6 for width. But no
>    Input is accepted there. Should I add PaperSize->{597.6,842.4} in my
>    default notebook-file. But where? And where can I enter default
>    margins?

Try evaluating this expression in a notebook.

  PrintingOptions -> {"PaperSize" -> {597.6,842.4}}

This will set the paper size at the global level so that if a notebook
does not have the option set explicitly, it will inherit this value.

To adjust a notebook which already has an explicit setting, try evaluating
this expression within that notebook:

  PrintingOptions -> {"PaperSize" -> {597.6,842.4}}

For more information on PrintingOptions, you can evaluate this expression
in a notebook:


P.J. Hinton
Mathematica Programming Group           paulh at
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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