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Charles Muses work on hypernumbers, metadimensions, and Chronotopology.

I am currently doing research into a body of work by Charles Muses on
hypernumbers, metadimensions, fractional dimensions, and Chronotopology. 
His work on hypernumbers extends far beyond the complex, quaternion,
octonion algebras.  Each hypernumber has its own arithmetic, algebra,
power orbit, and metadimension.  A metadimension is not the same as a
hyperdimension, as it has its own number axis and is qualitatively
different from a hyperdimension which is just a copy of the real number
axis.  In addition to the concept of positive and negative numbers, a new
concept is introduced having to do with numbers and antinumbers.  The
hypernumbers are coordinated on a seven dimensional metasolid embedded in
an eight dimensional flat background.

If anyone has developed any packages or notebooks having to do with this
subject, I would like to hear from you.  Any comments on Mathematica's
programming capabilities/inherent limitations in this area would also be

If anyone in this group is familiar with his work, I would like to hear
from you.  Please contact me by email.

silver-j at

Silver Jones

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