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Re: trouble with greek letter output to EPS

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  • Subject: [mg18569] Re: trouble with greek letter output to EPS
  • From: paulh at (P.J. Hinton)
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 01:01:17 -0400
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In article <7m6igl$2g8 at>, "Chris Farr" <farr at> writes:

> i have the greek letter theta in one of my graphs
> i do a Display[..,...,"EPS"] to create an eps file
> yet, the greek leter appears an an "q" instead of a "theta"
> any help out there?

The EPS file uses Math1 to draw \[Theta].  What you're seeing is a
textbook example of a PostScript interpreter font substitution.
Your rendering device does not have access to the Type 1 version 
of Math1, so the interpreter draws a glyph with the same character
code using a substitute font like Courier.

The following diagnostics verify that this is the case.

In[1]:= ToCharacterCode["q", "ISO8859-1"]

Out[1]= {113}

In[2]:= ToCharacterCode["\[Theta]", "Math1"]

Out[2]= {113}

The fix is to make the Math1 font available to the rendering
device.  If the device is a Ghostscript-based application, like
Ghostview, gv, or GSView, you need to either set GS_FONTPATH
to include the path to the Type 1 Math fonts or edit your Fontmap
file accordingly.

If your device is a printer, you will need to download the Type1
Math fonts into the printer's memory before doing the print job.
Instructions for doing this are available here.

You may also want to review your printer's documentation to see
if there are other options for retrieving non-built in fonts.

P.J. Hinton	
Mathematica Programming Group		paulh at
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.

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