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Re: Slow Version 4 Front End

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  • Subject: [mg18761] Re: Slow Version 4 Front End
  • From: bruck at (Ronald Bruck)
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 01:33:24 -0400
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In article <7mp3gt$l9b at>, Bob Stagat <stagat at> wrote:

> I'm using Mathematica 4 on a PowerMac. When I was using version 3, if I
> evaluated a cell that contained a very simple expression -- 2+2, say --
> it would evaluate very quickly -- in some fraction of a second. Both
> measured in CPU time, as evaluated by the kernel's Timing[] function, and
> in wall clock time, as evaluated by the Front End's "ShowTiming" option.
> With Mathematica 4, evaluating a cell takes an absolute minimum of about
> 4.2 seconds of wall clock time, as indicated by the Front End's
> "ShowTiming" function -- and also by my monotonically increasing
> frustration level. Even for trivial evaluations, like 2+2, for which
> Timing[] returns {0. Second, 4}, but which the Front End shows took 4.42
> seconds of wall clock time.
> Why is the version 4 Front End so abysmally slow in communicating with
> the kernel? What in the world is consuming this 4+ seconds of overhead on
> every single thing I evaluate? Are there any options I can set to
> eliminate these inordinate delays? I know it doesn't have to be so,
> because version 3 never exhibited this frustrating behavior.

I would say you have it misconfigured somehow.  I don't find this problem
in Windows, Linux or MacOS.

On the MacOS, I tried it on both a 400MHz B&W G3 and a 266MHz Gray G3.  I
get 0. Second for simple additions, on both platforms.  This is using
MacOS 8.6, with the Standard Install.

Try running with just the 8.6 extensions on.

--Ron Bruck

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