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Re: InputStream in version 3 vs version 4

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  • Subject: [mg18818] Re: InputStream in version 3 vs version 4
  • From: "David Bailey" <dave-bailey at>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 08:19:32 -0400
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ELLIS, Luci wrote in message <7n1313$bda at>...
>Failing this, can anyone suggest a robust way to turn a list of functions
>and a matrix of data into a matrix where the elements of each row are the
>elements of the original matrix transformed by the corresponding function?
>That is:
>functions= {f[#]&, g[#]&, h[#]&}
>data = {{data[1,1],data[1,2],data[1,3]},{data[2,1],data[2,2],data[2,3},
>output= {f[data[1,1]], g[data[1,2]], h[data[1,3]]}, {f[data[2,1]],
>g[data[2,2]], h[data[2,3]]}, {f[data[3,1]], g[data[3,2]], h[data[3,3]]},
>{f[data[4,1]], g[data[4,2]], h[data[4,3]]}, {f[data[5,1]], g[data[5,2]],
>I've tried various combinations of Map, MapThread, Thread and Inner without

First, we can neaten up your list of functions, but you could still use pure
functions if you need them of course.

functions = {f, g, h};

Now we define some data:

ss = Array[a, {5, 3}]

{{a[1, 1], a[1, 2], a[1, 3]}, {a[2, 1], a[2, 2], a[2, 3]}, {a[3, 1], a[3,
    a[3, 3]}, {a[4, 1], a[4, 2], a[4, 3]}, {a[5, 1], a[5, 2], a[5, 3]}}

This will apply the functions as you require. There are probably many other
ways of doing this!

Transpose[MapThread[Map, {functions, Transpose[ss]}]]

David Bailey
Salford Software
db at

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