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Re: FastBinaryFiles

There are two problems with this code.  First, filenames
should be specified using double-backslashes...i.e.

although that's not what's causing the error you're seeing.
The error you're getting is due to the fact that you are
actually not using FastBinaryFiles.  Instead, you're using
the Utilities`BinaryFiles` package which comes with
Mathematica.  To use FastBinaryFiles, you need to follow
the directions in the README to install it, then execute
the following command in Mathematica:


You should *not* execute the Needs["Utilities`BinaryFiles`"]


John Fultz
jfultz at
Front End Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

Virgil Stokes wrote:
> I recently installed FastBinaryFiles (in Mathematica 3.01, for Window NT 4.0).
> According to the readme.txt file that came with this package, the following
> should
> work:
> Needs["Utilities`BinaryFiles`"]
> data = N[Table[n, {n, -10, 10}]]
> nn = Length[data]
> stream = OpenWriteBinary["e:\data\binarytest"]
> WriteBinary[stream,data,Double]
> Close[stream]
> stream = OpenReadBinary["e:\data\binarytest"]
> xx = ReadListBinary[stream,Double,nn]
> Print[xx]
> Close[stream];
> This does not work (at least for me) -- the WriteBinary does not compile.
> But, according to the readme.txt file, it should compile. What am I doing
> wrong?
> -- Virgil

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