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RE: Binomial eq..using FindRoot. Bug?

I post an e-mail for the mathgroup and I have received very nice solution.
Thanks every body.

But I have a curiosity.
My equation was:  Binomial[f n, r]/Binomial[n, r] == a.

If I resolve using FindRoot in the way,

h[n_,f_,a_]:= FindRoot[Binomial[f n, r]/Binomial[n, r] == a  , {r, 20}];

Out: {r->53.3465}, that is OK

but if I move Binomial[n, r] to other side (the eq. is the same):

g[n_,f_,a_]:= FindRoot[Binomial[f n, r] == a Binomial[n, r] , {r, 20}];


I recived the message:

    "Newton's method failed to converge to the prescribed accuracy after 15

{r->14.5784} that is wrong.

It is a bug or are there any rules to use FindRoot that I didn't apply?.

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