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Re: Calculus of variations

>here are many texts
>that discuss this problem.  The ones I am familiar with are physics texts
>such a Goldstein's mechanics book

I'm sorry about the misunderstanding, guess I wasn't clear in my original post.
I'm looking for a Mathematica-oriented book that deals with the calculus of
variations, in particular how to "teach" Mathematica Leibniz's rules for
differentiating integrals, and how to integrate by parts.  The problem I am
considering doesn't seem to fit quite into the classical framework of the
calculus of variations, but I think would use similar techniques.  I'll repeat
the problem of interest here:

given two functions of a single
variable f1[x] and f2[x], which are 0 almost everywhere, find the
value of x0 such that Integrate[(f1[x]-f2[x+x0])^2,{x,-infinity,
infinity}] is minimized.

Thanks for your response -- I had fogotten about the discussion in Goldstein,
which has gathered dust on my bookshelf for years.
Bill Campbell

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