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Re: Separating


this can't work for your example because the
-lambda ux'[x] * uy'[y] term prevent a separation. It
must be somthing like -lambda*(ux[x]*uy'[y]+ux'[x]*uy[y])

Otherwise, suppose your equation is named pde than

seppde=(Cancel[Expand[#/(uy[y]*ux[x]) ]] & /@  pde) //. 
                 a_. + b_ == c_ /; FreeQ[a, x] :> b == c - a

will move all terms free of x to the right hand side.

Hope that helps

Klamser wrote:
> Hi, I want to separate a pde to the independents x and y.
> Example:
> Separate


> to x (or y).
> Yours sincerely, Peter Klamser

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