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Re: Freeing memory in Mathematica

bettina_hansen at wrote:

> ...
> Any suggestions for easier implementation of memory freeing?

Here are two methods. Set $HistoryLength to discard stored results after a
certain number of calculations.

In[1]:= ?$HistoryLength
$HistoryLength specifies the number of previous lines of input and output to
   keep in a Mathematica session.

You can also load this package which calls Share at specified intervals. The
intervals can be specified by setting $MemoryIncrement.

In[2]:= Needs["Utilities`MemoryConserve`"];

In[3]:= ?MemoryConserve
MemoryConserve will reduce memory use with the Share function when memory used
   has increased by $MemoryIncrement.   On[ MemoryConserve] will use $Pre to
   make this happen automatically.


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