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Re: Exporting formulae as GIFs

Many thanks to P. Hinton and  Xing Jing Li for taking  the time and energy
to furnish me with a working palette to solve this problem. I would
recommend either of their solutions if exporting GIF format images is

A. Sharma

P.J. Hinton wrote in message <8c5ki3$3tl at>...
>In article <8c1fks$psv at>,
> "Atul Sharma" <atulksharma at> writes:
>> It's only a minor problem, I know, since the postscript output works
>> Still, there must be a simpler alternative than the suggestion from WRI
>> technical support to oblige my colleagues to download MathReader or hunt
>> down a postscript printer just to be able to print a legible copy of a
>> manuscript that will inevitably undergo many revisions.
>In the time since the author posted this article, I have since
>provided him with a palette that lets him save selected cells
>as GIF images in the same manner as EPS.  If anyone is interested
>in obtaining this palette, please let me know so that I can
>put it up for a download to a larger audience.
>P.J. Hinton
>Mathematica Programming Group           paulh at
>Wolfram Research, Inc.
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