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Re:SPlus-like Dataframe-IO/UpValue for lists

[contact the author to obtain notebooks - moderator]

Hello Bob and Bojan,

based upon Bobs suggestion I extended my little MatrixIO.m-package to read
and write SPlus-like dataframes (with column-names, NAs and strings are
allowed as well, no rownames yet).
It uses cls.m. Dataframe.nb is an example of using it. dataframe.asc is an
ascii-dataframe example.

A dataframe-object is a three-components list with a matrix,the column-names
and some comments.

Unfortunately I wasn't successful to convert Part[...] or [[...]] ->
DFPart[...] for dataframe-objects. In Dataframe.nb there are examples of my
unsuccessful tries.

This was a very fast hack with no respect to performance etc. But perhaps it
is useful to others.

I thank you very much for your suggestions,



Dr.-Ing. Claudius Schnoerr        DDG Gesellschaft fuer Verkehrsdaten mbH
                                  Niederkasseler Lohweg 20
Tel:   ++49-(0)211-52777-423      40547 Duesseldorf
Fax:   ++49-(0)211-52777-109
email: Claudius.Schnoerr at

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