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MathGroup Archive 2000

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Re: Problem with Plot and Ticks-function

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg23283] Re: [mg23274] Problem with Plot and Ticks-function
  • From: Jean-Marie Thomas <jmt at>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 21:13:34 -0400 (EDT)
  • References: <>
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

A few remarks on your code :
- You don't need to use Module if you won't use local variables. You can use
constructions like (expr;expr) or CompoundExpression ;
- The return value of the print function is Null, the output of a Print
statement is a side effect. So, in your Module, the side effects of the Print
statement won't be sent as a return value of the module ;
- In your plot function, you call theticks with no input values : you don't
give a mechanism that takes the values of the plotting range to the tick

theTicks[min_, max_] := 
  With[{r = Range[min, max, Pi/4], f = NumberForm[N at #, {3, 2}] &},
Transpose[{r, f /@ r}]

myPlot[min_, max_] := 
  Plot[Sin[x], {x, min, max}, Ticks -> {theTicks[min, max], Automatic}]

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000, Hans Friedrich Steffani wrote:
> theticks[min_, max_] := 
>   Module[{}, Print["xmin=", min, " xmax=", max]; 
>     Transpose[{Range[min + \[Pi]/4, max, \[Pi]/4], 
>         Range[min + \[Pi]/4, max, \[Pi]/4]*180/\[Pi]}]]
> Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, \[Pi]}, Ticks -> {theticks, Automatic}]
> Produces the output
> xmin=-0.0785398, xmax=3.22013
> instead of
> xmin=0, xmax=3.14
> and stupid ticks at the x-Axis.
> How do I get correct ticks?
> Hans Friedrich Steffani
> -- 
> Hans Friedrich Steffani
> Institut fuer Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe, TU Chemnitz
> mailto:hans.steffani at

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