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Re: make matrix animate


I only have a suggestion:
Try something like this.

a = {{1, 12, 3, 10}, {14, 5, 16, 7}, {11, 2, 9, 4}, {8, 15, 6, 13}};

ListDensityPlot[-Reverse[a], Frame -> False, Axes -> None]

And use the advance options such as Epilog or Prolog to place the numbers in
their squares.

Once you work out that part it would be a matter of outputing
Collecting the Graphics output for animation.


Borut L. <JustMyName at> wrote in message
news:8nlidc$9h8 at
> Helo,
> I made a function that has many matrices as output. It's in fact puzzle 15
> board, where in sequent matrices zero (blank space) moves
> left/right/up/down. Is there a way to make a graphical animation (like
> Do[Plot[...) with my output?
> Thanks a lot, Borut

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