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TeXSave undefined control sequences

I have version "4.0 for Microsoft Windows (July 26, 1999)".

I have done the following:

1. Install MikTeX (version 1.20e) as described on
2. Set up MikTeX to read Mathematica generated TeX as described on
3. Create a mathematica notebook and save it as a TeX file (using Save As
Special | TeX).
4. Use MiKTeX to process this TeX file.

I was impressed at how smoothly this all went. However, I encountered the
following problems:

1. There are some undefined control sequences, such as \AlignmentMarker and
\MathBegin{MathArray}...\MathEnd{MathArray}. I use alignment markers in
Mathematica a lot to get my equations formatted nicely, so I need this
facility to carry across to TeX cleanly.

2. Automatic numbers are not handled correctly. They come across as numbers
that increment incorrectly.

3. There was a transient problem when generating the MathBold5 fonts
(something about floating point overflow), but this error occurred only

I have searched, but I haven't found any information on
these problems.

Can anyone help?

Stephen P Luttrell
Malvern, U.K.

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