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Re: TeXSave undefined control sequences

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  • Subject: [mg26257] Re: TeXSave undefined control sequences
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 00:19:32 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Universitaet Leipzig
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I can't help you with the macros in notebook2e.sty.

The errors generated by MikTeX when it try to generate
PK fonts from the Math*.pfb files comes from an error
in the type 1 fonts. I have reported it, including a 
fixed version of the Math5Bold font.

The problem with the font should be fixed in version 4.1.

Makeing TeX form Mathematica's notebooks is much like 
makeing a cow from some Hamburgers.

There is a very limited set of markup-Cells like


that can translated in a clean way.
In principle you have to build a Mathematica
style sheet that cover you layout. 
Than you have to patch TeXSave[] for the
translation of you new Cell[] types into 
TeX macros/environemts. And finaly you have
to make a TeX style with all you macros and

How ever the WYSIWYG style of the FrontEnd does
not force you define the markup for all your
layout elements. You can change the font for a
single section heading, instead of generating
a new "MyNewSection" cell-style. 
Translating this create bad TeX and cause trouble.

The best solution to get TeX documents from Mathematica
is to use a "TeXFrontend" that only handle Mathematica
commands, does not care for the layout of the document
and only use a markup for "Input" and "Output" cells.
TeX/LaTeX is for documents with a perfect typesetting,
Mathematica is for computer algebra.
This has two additional advantages  
a) you can use document styles that are not handled by the frontend
   with three columns, footnotes and text that flow arround
b) you don't have the messy WYSIWYG


Stephen P Luttrell wrote:
> I have version "4.0 for Microsoft Windows (July 26, 1999)".
> I have done the following:
> 1. Install MikTeX (version 1.20e) as described on
> 2. Set up MikTeX to read Mathematica generated TeX as described on
> 3. Create a mathematica notebook and save it as a TeX file (using Save As
> Special | TeX).
> 4. Use MiKTeX to process this TeX file.
> I was impressed at how smoothly this all went. However, I encountered the
> following problems:
> 1. There are some undefined control sequences, such as \AlignmentMarker and
> \MathBegin{MathArray}...\MathEnd{MathArray}. I use alignment markers in
> Mathematica a lot to get my equations formatted nicely, so I need this
> facility to carry across to TeX cleanly.
> 2. Automatic numbers are not handled correctly. They come across as numbers
> that increment incorrectly.
> 3. There was a transient problem when generating the MathBold5 fonts
> (something about floating point overflow), but this error occurred only
> once.
> I have searched, but I haven't found any information on
> these problems.
> Can anyone help?
> --
> Stephen P Luttrell
> Malvern, U.K.

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