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Re: Q: Postscript problem with braces "()" (now complete)

For some reason, most software out there fails to interpret correctly
the eps produced by mathematica. You need to export it with embedded
fonts. I have found a nice little package doing that somewhere on the
mathematica site, an unsupported function called


which works just great on my machine. Do a google search and you'll
find it.

In article <914m6s$e22 at>,
  Claudius <Claudius.Schnoerr at> wrote:
> Hello,
> the first answers I received showed me that I have to be more
specific a
> little:
> 1) The " after Bold should be discarded. Then the example works.
> 2) Printing the notebook is ok, but importing the .eps-file in Visio
or Word
> and printing it then fails.
> 3) Saving it in plain EPS instead of EPSTIFF and printing this file
on a
> printer fails as well.
> With "fails" I mean that instead of the braces in sin(x) some letters
> printed.
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