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Re: NEED HELP! Mathematica seems to "forget" that a package has been loaded

You did not give any examples so I will just give you some examples to check 
your syntax.


dist = PoissonDistribution[mu];

Sum[PDF[dist, x], {x, Sequence @@ Domain[dist]}]


Mean[dist] == Sum[x*PDF[dist, x], {x, Sequence @@ Domain[dist]}]


{PDF[dist, x], CDF[dist, x], Variance[dist], PDF[PoissonDistribution[7], 10]}

{mu^x/(E^mu*x!), GammaRegularized[Floor[x] + 1, mu], mu, 

N[PDF[PoissonDistribution[7], 5]]


Bob Hanlon

In a message dated 12/28/00 3:40:42 AM, raygunprez at writes:

>I am still relatively new to the Mathematica environment, so I please 
>request that you have some patience.
>I am encountering a situation where when I issue the command 
><<Statistics`DiscreteDistributions` and attempt to use any of the 
>functions therein that during the evaluation of that cell that it does
>NOT evaluate to a numerical answer.
>This is just one example but there are several other packages such as 
>Graphics and Geometry where this is the case...Mathematica responds that
>such package has loaded.  However, the functions don't evaluate.
>If you happen to know of any tips, tricks, or procedures to overcome 
>this I would truly appreciate it.

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