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Re: Evaluating a Notebook down to a selected point (without mousing)?

This is an indirect method...

You can set the Cell Property Initialization Cell to each cell you want to
be evaluated and each time you reenter a new data you may quit the Kernell
and re-evaluate any cell. Mathematica will ask you is you want to evaluate such
initialization cells...

Carlos Castellanos

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Subject: [mg21885] [mg21852] Evaluating a Notebook down to a selected point (without

> Reposting a query I posted once before, since I never got a useful answer:
> You can evaluate an entire notebook, no matter where the insertion point
> currently is in the notebook, with two keystrokes: ctrl-A, Enter (plus
> maybe an initial arrow key to get you out of the current cell).
> But suppose you're editing down through a long notebook; have just edited
> a cell somewhere in the middle; and want to evaluate the notebook starting
> from the beginning down to and including that cell.  Is there an
> equivalent two (or three) keystroke, no mouse, no scrolling way to do
> this?
> Alternatively, is there an all-purpose "Stop" or "Abort" cell you can put
> in right after the cell you've just edited, so that execution stops there
> and control returns to the keyboard?
> Email cc of replies to siegman at appreciated.

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