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Re: Problem with definite integrals having symbolic limits

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  • Subject: [mg21853] Re: [mg21850] Problem with definite integrals having symbolic limits
  • From: Bojan Bistrovic <bojanb at>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 22:54:13 -0500 (EST)
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> Dear MathGroup,
> I discovered what I think is an inconsistency and would like to check my
> opinion and offer a suggestion to Wolfram.
> When you do a "definite" integration with symbolic limits (instead of
> concrete numbers), the result you get may not be unconditionally true. The
> necessary conditions are not stated by Mathematica, although
> "GenerateConditions" is set to True.
> The notebook added demonstrates this problem. I suggest that a warning
> message should be given, that describes the conditions for the stated
> result.
> With best regards,
> Wolter Kaper
> dept. of Chemistry
> Univ. of Amsterdam
The "problem" is the folowing: you use Set to define you function 
instead of SetDelayed:

In[1]:= Int[xend_] = Integrate[1/x^2, {x, -2, xend},  
	GenerateConditions -> True]

The right hand side is evaluated AT THIS TIME, so, since "xend" is just a
symbol, the result is calculated and assigned to your function:

Out[1]= -1/2 - 1/xend

In[2]:= ?Int
Out[2]= Global`Int
	Int[xend_] = -1/2 - xend^(-1)

So when you type Int[2], you get the wrong result. What you should do is

In[3]:= Int[xend_] := Integrate[1/x^2, {x, -2, xend},
      GenerateConditions -> True]

In[4]:= ?Int
Out[4]= Global`Int
	Int[xend_] := Integrate[1/x^2, {x, -2, xend}, GenerateConditions -> True]

In[5]:= Int[2]
Out[5]= Infinity

Now, SHOULD the integrate return the result like: 

If[xend > -2 && xend < 0, -(2 + xend)/(2*xend), Integrate[a/x^2, {x, -2, xend}]]

Well, if you try 

Integrate[a/x^2, {x, -2, xend}, GenerateConditions -> True, Assumptions->{a>0}]

you get

If[xend > -2 && xend < 0, -(a*(2 + xend))/(2*xend), Integrate[a/x^2, {x, -2,

It looks bizzare :-). SetDelayed will solve your problem for the time, and as
for the question about inconsistency, it looks like one to me.

Bye, Bojan

Bojan Bistrovic,                       bojanb at  
Old Dominion University, Physics Department,      Norfolk, VA

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