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Re: With plot labels axes disappear. Why?


a) the Ticks are still there.
b) the PlotLabel make the x-size (in pixels on screen) a bit smaller
   and the width of the small tick marks shrink below one pixels width
c) make the image a bit larger or use the ImageSize option

Hope that helps
bruno roel wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> This plot works perfectly:
> Plot[ Sin[x]/x, { x, 0, 10 } ];
> However, with:
> Plot[ Sin[x]/x, { x, 0, 10 }, PlotLabel -> "xxx" ];
> axes and associated ticks dissapear. (idem with option axeslabel,
> frame,.....)
> Could you be nice and explain me why?
> It previously worked nicely. I tried to reset preferences by maintaining
> SHIFT + OPTION keys pressed at start-up, without effect. I tried some
> graphics options without finding the right one.
> My computer is a starmax 4000 (604e 200MHz) with mac os9 (same problem
> occured whith mac 0s 7.6.1).
> Thanks.
> Bruno.

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