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how ColorOutput works?

I've a problem with color specifications in Plot.
I take a simple example to explain.
Let consider:

In[1]:=Plot3D[ x^2+y^2 ,{x,0,1} ,{y,0,1}, ColorOutput-> RGBColor]

This works fine.
If I try (as I need):

In[1]:=Plot3D[ x^2+y^2 ,{x,0,1} ,{y,0,1}, ColorOutput-> None]

this gives the error message:

Result None[GrayLevel[0.]] obtained during color
by applying function None to color GrayLevel[0] is not a 
GrayLevel, RGBColor, or CMYKColor color directive.

What does it means?
How can I avoid this problem?

(Please, if possible
reply also by an email message to
my address.)

Nicola Attico					
Dip. Fisica - Pzza Torricelli, 2 - Pisa				
E-Mail: attico at		
© 2000 by Nicola Attico, all right reserved

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