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Re: Mathematica formulae as Word metafiles

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  • Subject: [mg22266] Re: Mathematica formulae as Word metafiles
  • From: "Atul Sharma" <atulksharma at>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 23:50:55 -0500 (EST)
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Thanks for the comments. I know the fonts are an issue, but I have the same
problem when I open the Word document on a machine with Mathematica
installed. In fact, even on the machine that created the metafile, the image
will become garbled if I double click on it. WRI says there is a bug in the
Word filters for metafiles, so I think I have to give up on this approach.

My other notion was to distribute the file as a pdf document (using
Ghostscript to convert from Postscript) or HTML The HTML output is limited
by the gif images used for formulae. The postscript route works fine for
single formulae or plots, but exporting multiple numbered equations
generates a disorganized postscript document. I'm not sure why this is the


Eckhard Hennig wrote in message <88lavb$bq0 at>...
>Atul Sharma schrieb in Nachricht <88g656$4n4 at>...
>>I have a need to share work with colleagues who do not have Mathematica
>>have little interest in downloading MathReader. In the past, I would save
>>formulae as GIFs and paste them into Word, but the appearance is rather
>>crude (jagged). I was delighted to find the metafile format (Mathematica
>4.0, Word
>>97) works fine on my PC, but when I share it with others by either email
>>diskette, it is a garbled mess. Parentheses/braces are dropped or appear
>>many sizes too large or have added elements (like "|").
>I don't think that your colleagues will get away without downloading
>MathReader because if they don't have the MathXXX fonts installed, your
>metafiles will not display correctly on their computers. So you have to
>them all Mathematica fonts as well. However, as this may constitute an
>infringement of WRI's copyright, downloading MathReader is the best
>Apart from the missing fonts, there appear to be some extra problems with
>metafile display on Windows PC's with different default printer types. For
>example, if you generate a Mathematica metafile on a PC whose default
>printer is a PostScript printer, then you will be likely to encounter
>problems with displaying the metafile on another PC with a non-PS printer,
>say an ink jet printer. The reason for this behavior seems to be that with
>PS printer installed, formulas in metafiles will be printed in standard PS
>fonts such as Courier or Times, which non-PS systems sometimes fail to map
>back to the Windows fonts Courier New and Times New Roman (please correct
>if I'm wrong, but these are my suspicions). The opposite way seems to work
>correctly, i.e. generate metafile on non-PS PC and display on PS PC.
>Yet another point: When I use the "Copy as metafile" feature in the
>frontend, I usually run into some nasty problem that these images are not
>clipped correctly when pasted into a word processer (I'm using FrameMaker
>under Windows NT4). The solution to this problem is to convert the cell to
>be copied to a metafile using the corresponding frontend menu item, then
>saving the image as enhanced metafile, and reimporting the .emf file into
>the word processor as standard Windows Metafile (NOT Enhanced MF, this may
>crash your system - at least it does with FrameMaker)
>-- Eckhard
>Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Hennig      mailto:hennig at
>Institut fuer Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik e.V. (ITWM)
>Erwin-Schroedinger-Strasse,  67663 Kaiserslautern,  Germany
>  Voice: +49-(0)631-205-3126    Fax: +49-(0)631-205-4139
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