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FindRoot and Derivatives

I'm running Mathematica 4.0 on a P3, 550Mhz Zeon, and I'm having problems.
Can FindRoot handle equations with derivatives? I've got this funky equation
with a first derivative, but I cannot get a solution. Here's my code.

In[1]:= eq = g/(j*h)*y'[t]*Log[y[t]/h+1] + y[t]+a==
g*v + a*Exp[b*v*t]/(y[t]/h+1)^(b/d)

In[2]:= n=0;v=1.;a=544.644;b=.000001;h=.6465;j=3.14094;g=182.965

In[3]:= FindRoot[n++;eq,{y,0.01,1}]

and this is the error I get

Function (-182.955 + 1.38688 (0.&) is not a length 1 list of numbers at y =

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