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Re: checking for presence of files


you can search the $Path variable and some subdirectories.

The call below search for a file MGLWelcome.nb in all
directories in the 


Select[FileNames["*MGLWelcome.nb", Join[(ToFileName[
              {#, "MathGL3d", "Documentation", 
                "English"}] & /@ $Path), $Path]], # =!= {} &]

and return a list of all matches. It is typical not wise
to search the full harddisk. 


Otto Linsuain wrote:
>  Hi all. I know the answer to this could be system-dependent. I work
> with Mathematica 4.0 on unix workstations.
>  I wonder if it is possible to define a function that checks if a file
> exists in your disk, something like
>  FindFile[filename_String] = True if the file exists, False otherwise.
>  Any ideas would be appreciated. Otto Linsuain.

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