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Re: Thx for your help


Note that for real x, Abs[x] = Sqrt[x^2] ... so you can use 

Out[1]:= x Sqrt[x^2]/2  

but be careful....clearly it is not correct off the real axis:
Abs[i] = 1    Sqrt[i^2] = i   where i = Sqrt[-1]


>>> José   María Lasso <jml at> 05/29/00 08:05PM >>>
Thx for the answers to my last post, but I have a new question, similar to
the last one, when I try: Integrate[Abs[x],x], there is no result, just the
original input, what I am doing wrong?, I need some advice about a good
book about Mathematica for beginers.Thx again.Best regards

Jose M Lasso

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