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[TS 3227] ListInterpolation


I'm using ListInterpolation to get functions that smoothly describe my
data.  So the resulting plots are smooth lines that transverse my noisy
data.  When I try to plot the derivative of this functions, I get very
sharp zig-zags (that I could also get deriving numerically my data).
Mathematica is making an interpolation between my points, and since my
points are noisy distributed, y also get the noise in the derivative.
That's ok, but why do I get smooth plots that cross my data, say, at a
"mean noise value".  I cannot use NonLinearFit because the functions I
need should be case sensitive and I have a large number of data sets, so
choosing a fitting function every time could be extremely tedious.  I'm
sure there's a way out of this, if someone could help me, I'd appreciate
any help.


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