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Re: Newbie Q: Referencing Auto-number Cells

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  • Subject: [mg23713] Re: Newbie Q: Referencing Auto-number Cells
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  • Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 22:05:45 -0400 (EDT)
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In article <8gu6tj$hp4 at>, "Allan Hayes" 
<hay at> wrote:

> <iliketrash at> wrote in message news:8gso4r$eep at
> > In preparaing a paper for publication, I find that making automatically
> > (re)numbering things like equations and figures easy since some of the
> > built-in stylesheets are already set up to do this.
> >
> > However, how do I make references (sometimes called cross-references or
> > citations) within ordinary text to equations and figures that are
> > automatically (re)numbered? In other words, I want to write
> >
> >     ...see Equation (6).
> >
> > and when Equation 6 becomes Equation 7 because I inserted another
> > equation in ahead of it, I want the above reference to automaticaaly 
> > read
> >
> >     ...see Equation (7).
> >
> > Many thanks.
> - type see Equation (
> - use menu >Input > Create Automatic Numbering Object > Counter Type
> [NumberedEquation]>OK
> - click radio button this counter object (if you are not using tags)
> - type )
> Allan

Thanks--I discovered this after I sent the original message. However, I 
now have a more specific question. Let's say my article reads as 
follows, with autonumbering equation numbers and cross references 

 bla bla
    F = ma        (1)
 bla bla bla
    d = ct        (2)
 bla bla bla
    e = mc^2      (3)
 bla bla see Equation (2).

Then I insert a new equation before (2), V = IR. The equation numbers 
that are on the same line as the equations will renumber, as does the 
cross-reference to Equation (2) on the last line, but now I can't 
cross-reference the new Equation (2). I want this:

 bla bla
    F = ma        (1)
 bla bla bla
    V = IR        (2)
 bla bla
    d = ct        (3)
 bla bla bla
    e = mc^2      (4)
 bla bla see Equation (3). Also, see Equation (2).

I can't make this------------------------------^happen.

All I can get it "see Equation (4)" as if the there is only a running 
count of numbered equations available. If I click on the line containing 
Equation 2, I can insert an autonumbering cell which correctly gives 
"2," but when I cut-and-paste it somewhere else it changes to "4."

I believe the intended solution is to use tags, giving each equation a 
unique name, such as E001, E002, etc., and using the "tag" option when 
inserting an autonumbering object. This appears to work, but will become 
very unwieldy when dealing with hundreds of numbered equations, plus 
figures, tables, sections, references, etc. The main source of trouble 
is that all the tags are listed in a very short scrolling list view, 
making it hard to find the one I want to cite.

If there is a better way to accomplish this task, please let me know.

I wonder if it would be possible to write an "equation browser" which 
would search my notebook for all cells with a certain tag, say, 
"NumberedEquation" and copy the cell to another notebook (along with any 
other significant tags such as equation number and section number). They 
should automatically be listed in the correct order. In addition, each 
such copied cell might also have a hyperlink added to it so that it 
points back to the original cell in the source notebook. This would 
help, but still doesn't solve the basic problem of having to manually 
name each equation.

Thanks again,

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