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Re: Animate multiple listplots

In article <8q21d7$hmh at>,
  "Andrew R. Harris" <quadratic at> wrote:
> I have a list of 5000 pairs of coordinates.  I am looking for a way to
> read the list in increments of 50 sets of coordinates. plot the lists
> and then animate the plots .
> Andrew Harris


Assuming the data is in the form data={{x1,y1},{x2,y2}, . . .}, then
the following partitions the data into consecutive lists of 50 and
produces a ListPlot of each partition. The PlotRange is set explicitly
(you need to choose the {low,hi}) so the range for all the plots is the
same. In a Windows front end, you can then select the cell containing
all the plots and use "Cell, Animate Selected Graphics" (ctrl-Y) to
cause the animation.

ListPlot[#, PlotRange -> {low,hi}, PlotJoined -> True] & /@ Partition
[data, 50]



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