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Re: C, MathLink or Java, J/Link

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  • Subject: [mg28163] Re: C, MathLink or Java, J/Link
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 02:37:42 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Universitaet Leipzig
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> >Here at the computer graphics department we had serval
> >web-based visualisation applications (2d, 3d) and
> >for these applications Java was selected as an "ideal"
> >language ...
> Selected by whom?
> By some manager that has just read an article about
> Java in some glossy BusinessMagazine and thought
> "Now with gotta do somethin' with that Java thingy,
> cause its keeewl!"

There are only a few number of mangers at a university.
One of the projects was a interactive atlas, programmed by
our most experienced Java programmers. And yes, they always
have the newest Java environment.
It still can't compare with the speed of a C-program.
I must trust into the skills of my colleagues, but expect
that the best graduates on the computer science department
are not completely wrong

An other project was a medical database with
images and some image processing. A year of working
and at the end it turns out that it is to slow.

> The problem with Java was/is the huge hype.
> Everyone said: "We gonna do something in Java"
> because it was hip to do so.
> So now, huge Javaprojects were launched with great Publicity,
> although, eg the company didn't have any experienced Java Programmers
> ("Ahh, the C++ Programmers can do that, its Syntax similar...").

I can't belive that large Software companies launch a project
without a serious staff of developers. 
I'm still puzzled *why* Sun's Star Office is written on the
top of a cross platform C++ library. But you are right
Sun may not have "experienced Java Programmers"

> >*All* these applications switch back to C/C++, only
> >due incredible slow speed.
> Well, you can write slow/bad code in **any** Language.
> Java is not the cure for inexperience.
> >An applications, that are more complex than to play
> >Tick Tack Tao are too slow.
> Allright, is that supposed to be a rational statement?
> Have you even used Java since 1.02, or for more
> than mere Animations Applets.
> (I don't mean that as an insult to you Jens, just asking
> for your background, to see whether you have the
> Qualifications to say something like that).

Hmm ... just have a look at my home page or on the
MathGL3d page

But MathGL3d is "Java free" and system independ and fast ..

> Also a warning to anyone seriously considering Java:
> Please ask experts (real Experts, like the one to be
> found on, or the*
> Newsgroups), since nowadays everyone who know
> the difference between Java (the computer thing)
> and Java (the coffee thing) thinks he/she has the
> ultimate wisdom on it (again, Jens, this is really not
> meant as an insult or flamebait to you; just general
> to warn People from those guys. I don't want to
> cause any trouble or upheaval or flamewars in this group);

I don't claim to have the ultimative visdom. I just
gave an impression what happend with Java projectes
I've seen. Any one can give things like Borland's
JBuilder a try and compare the speed of the Java written
IDE with the C++ builder. But as bevore ... Borland may
not have such "experienced Java Programmers" 

My personal experience is that Jave (the computer thing)
has it's name from the many cup of coffee that you can drink
while waiting on the results.


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