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Re: Re: C, MathLink or Java, J/Link

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  • Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 04:13:21 -0400 (EDT)
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At 02:37 03.04.01 -0400, you wrote:
>There are only a few number of mangers at a university.
>One of the projects was a interactive atlas, programmed by
>our most experienced Java programmers. And yes, they always
>have the newest Java environment.
>It still can't compare with the speed of a C-program.
>I must trust into the skills of my colleagues, but expect
>that the best graduates on the computer science department
>are not completely wrong
>An other project was a medical database with
>images and some image processing. A year of working
>and at the end it turns out that it is to slow.

Well, doesn't that prove that there was some problem with
the project management?
One year work, and in all that time no one has checked if the
Goals/Milestones were reached (or if they were even close)?
In the end they suddenly realize "Whoopsy, the code's
too slow, how did that suddenly happen?"...

> >
> > The problem with Java was/is the huge hype.
> > Everyone said: "We gonna do something in Java"
> > because it was hip to do so.>
> > So now, huge Javaprojects were launched with great Publicity,
> > although, eg the company didn't have any experienced Java Programmers
> > ("Ahh, the C++ Programmers can do that, its Syntax similar...").
>I can't belive that large Software companies launch a project
>without a serious staff of developers.

Well, I guess you haven't heard about the late Corel Office for Java.
That was a large project launched with big publicity (Corel also wanted
to build some Java ThinClient) and it passed away a couple of months
later (I still have some kind of alpha release of it in my PC, for historic
reasons... ;-)  );

>I'm still puzzled *why* Sun's Star Office is written on the
>top of a cross platform C++ library. But you are right
>Sun may not have "experienced Java Programmers"

I am not sure what you mean by that.
StarOffice *wasn't* written by Sun. They bought it from the
German Company StarDivision. StarOffice (in its current form, I mean
using the CrossPlatform C++ library StarVision)
has been developed years ago (before Java was even introduced);

and, Sun puts all (or at least most of) its eggs in its StarPortal
(or WebTop, or ONE or whatever Naem the Marketing Dept.
promotes at the moment; I can't keep track...) which is some
Webservices Office management thing based on EJB (and assorted Java 
ServerSide is general a very strong side of Java, and speed is not
that of an issue there, since memory hogs like Swing (and Performance
killers like AWT because of numerous JNI calls) are not needed.

and ad StarOffice:
that thing is not a racing horse & sort of a memory hog
(but, It's free, runs on Linux & Win and got all the Office features one needs,
so I can't complain);

>Hmm ... just have a look at my home page or on the
>MathGL3d page
>But MathGL3d is "Java free" and system independ and fast ..

hmm, so you say Java can be (or is) fast if written by a capable person...
Isn't that what I said all along?

>I don't claim to have the ultimative visdom. I just
>gave an impression what happend with Java projectes
>I've seen. Any one can give things like Borland's
>JBuilder a try and compare the speed of the Java written
>IDE with the C++ builder. But as bevore ... Borland may
>not have such "experienced Java Programmers"

Well, on my Athlon 600 with 256 MB RAM, I don't have any
performance problems with JBuilder (although, to be fair,
I don't use JBuilder; I only tried some of the sample code
& debugging with it; I use Jedit as Editor);
One problem with GUI Java Apps is the (rather) slow startup, but
when they run, you don't see much difference to a native app.
Of course you shouldn't try JBuilder on a 66 MHZ 80486 with
16 MB RAM...

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