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RE: Complex Function Maps


Try the following:

ComplexListPlot[pts_, options___] := 
    ListPlot[ Map[{Re[#1], Im[#1]} &, pts], options, 
      AxesLabel -> {"Re", "Im"}, PlotStyle -> {PointSize[.02], Hue[0.6]}];

(* This  will plot 3 points in the complex plane*)
ComplexListPlot[{1 - 2I, 3 + 4I, 0.5I}];


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From: Dustin [mailto:dsoodak at]
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Subject: [mg28587] [mg28584] Complex Function Maps

Does anyone know how to make a complex function graph where the axes are
I know this is possible becuase I once saw it in the help menu.
At least I think it is. I only have 3.0 and I might have seen it in the
4.0 menu.

Dustin Soodak

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