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Triangle List <-> Adjacency List

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a quick way of converting a list of
triangle corners, eg. for a triangulation like:

    0        1
    |      /|
    |     / |
    |    /  |
    |   /   |
    |  /    |
    | /     |
    |/      |
    2         3

the triangle list will be {{0,2,1},{1,2,3}}, i.e. the first triangle's
first corner is at index [1], followed by its other two corners in
counterclockwise order etc.; into a list which represents the adjacency
structure of the graph, e.g. for the above triangulation, it will be:
{{1,2},{0,2,3},{0,1,3},{1,2}}, node 0 is conected to node 1 and 2, etc.

Also it might be helpfull to go the other way too from an adjacency list
to a triangle list.

Thank you in advance.


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