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Re: Delete All Output (bug)

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  • Subject: [mg30584] Re: Delete All Output (bug)
  • From: Adam Smith<adam.smith at>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 03:51:30 -0400 (EDT)
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If you want to select all the graphics produced in a notebook, you hold down the
Alt key and then click on any graphic output cell (works on both Mac and Windows
- don't know about other systems).  Every graphic is then selected and you can
simply delete them.

I hope this does what you want.  I did not really understand what you meant by 
"without re-running all these plots while I'm testing the changes".  I would
think, once you make the changes you would want the plots to see the effect of
the changes.

Adam Smith

In article <9mi188$52q$1 at>, aes says...
>I have a notebook that defines a number of modules, followed by a "data 
>input cell" which "calls" these modules repeatedly, e.g. this Input cell 
>might have 20 lines of the form
>   R1=0.8; R2=09; plotReflectionProfile;
>   R1=0.8; R2=09; plotPhaseProfile;
>that make 20 different plots for different values of R1 and R2.
>Suppose this notebook has been run, creating the 20 plots; and I want to 
>make some changes and tests, maybe run just one other value, without 
>re-running all these plots while I'm testing the changes.  Easy way to 
>disable the data cell is to convert its Format temporarily to Text 
>instead of Input.
>If you do this, and then later select Delete All Output from the Kernel 
>menu, the 20 plots are *not* deleted.  
>I argue, this is, if not a bug, an undesirable "gotcha" in the Mathematica 
>interface.  Sure, I could delete the plots *before* changing the Input 
>cell's format (or by hand selecting all 20 of them and doing a ctrl-X).  
>But when I change the Input cell's format, I haven't (at least 
>explicitly) changed any of the characteristics of the graphics cells 
>that follow this cell.  If Delete All Output would have deleted those 
>cells before, it should delete them now -- seems like a matter of 
>elementary consistency.
>(This is Mac PB G3, OS 8.6, Mathematica 4.1.)

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