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Re: Delete All Output (bug)

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  • Subject: [mg30620] Re: Delete All Output (bug)
  • From: aes <siegman at>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 04:09:45 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Stanford University
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In article <9mkrto$1qa$1 at>,
 Adam Smith<adam.smith at> wrote:

> I did not really understand what you meant  by 
> "without re-running all these plots while I'm testing the changes".  I would
> think, once you make the changes you would want the plots to see the effect 
> of
> the changes.

Well, since I think there are some valid "ease of use" considerations 
here, I'll reply on this one:

Situation:  Notebook that starts with a "Remove-Global" to ensure a 
clean start, followed by five or six Modules each of which makes a 
different kind of plot, followed by a data input cell which calls 
various of these modules with maybe 20 different sets of input data 
values, thus initiating many minutes of calculating.

I'm modifying/editing one of these modules, and while doing so have put 
in a single data input cell which initiates just one short test case. 
This temporary data input cell is located right after the module I'm 
working on, so I can jump rapidly from resulting plot right back to 
immediately preceding module.

I key in a correction in the module (or maybe change the test data), and 
then want to re-run notebook *from the top*, to be sure I have a clean 
start.  What's the fastest way to do this, without having to go the 
mouse, click on the module cell bracket, and scroll all the way up to 
the top of the notebook?  Answer: ctrl_A, then ESC -- hands never leave 
keyboard.  (Anyone know any other *all-keyboard* way to do this? -- an 
all-keyboard way to "execute from top down to this point"?)

So, if I don't disable the data cell at the end of the notebook, hitting 
ctrl-A, ESC not only evaluates the modulate under test but causes Mathematica to 
start evaluating all the cases at the bottom of the notebook, and I have 
to wait for all these to finish, or do a forced stop.

A minor point, I agree -- but not totally trivial.

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