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Re: movie export


you can export a list of n graphic objects as "GIF", which becomes a still
gif for n = 1, and an animated gif for n > 1. I give you my way of doiint

MakeAGif[name_String, dir_String, src_] :=
      Export[name, src, "GIF",
          ConversionOptions -> {
              "Transparency" -> RGBColor[1, 1, 1],
              "Disposal" -> Background,
              "Loop" -> True}
          ] // Timing



"Erich Neuwirth" <neuwire6 at> wrote in message
news:a0en76$pgb$1 at
> as far as i know, the mac version of mathematica allows to export
> animation as quicktime movies. is there anything similar
> available for the windows version?

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