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Re: Mathematica 4.1 How to.....

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  • Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 03:58:19 -0500 (EST)
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Exp is the exponential funcition, E is the constant Exp[1] E alao has a
special symbol obtained by typing \[ExponentialE] or the sequence Escape ee
The lower case e is just a letter without any meaning.
(See the palette found under the menu File>Palettes>CompleteCharacters)


Plot[1+E^x, {x,-2,2}]

Plot[1+Exp[x], {x,-2,2}]

Built-in Mathematica symbols begin with capitals; function application uses
[  ] not ( ). But you can  use the latter if the expression is in
TraditionalForm (see later).

Plot[Cos[Pi x], {x,-2,2}]

We can get a Greek  pi  via the sequence Escape p Escape

Mathematica in does not understand |x| , where | is the normal bar on the
We can use:


If you want  to see the inputs above in traditional notation then select the
cells (click on the bracket) and then use the menu  Cell> Convert To>
Traditional Form.
Then reevaluate them to check that they work.
We can type directly in traditional form, but that takes us into
typsetting ---- .

Allan Hayes
Mathematica Training and Consulting
Leicester UK
hay at
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"Tony" <tony at> wrote in message
news:96asej$6f9 at
> I have a trial version of this software.
> Can anyone tell me how I plot a graph such as
> 1 + e to power of x
> I am damned if I can find out how to do this
> Please Please someone help
> Another 2 I am having difficulty with is plotting
> cos(pi x)  Pi having its symbolic sign
> and
> |x-1|
> Im probably just a numpty right enough
> Please email to tony at
> Thanx
> Tony

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