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RE: Combining 3D Graphics

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  • Subject: [mg26517] RE: [mg26512] Combining 3D Graphics
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 02:32:49 -0500 (EST)
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The following works all right for me.


pts = Table[
        {t = Random[Real, {0, Pi}],
          p = Random[Real, {0, 2 Pi}],
          r = Random[Real, {1.1, 1.5}]},
        r{Cos[p]Sin[t], Sin[p]Sin[t], Cos[t]}], {20}];

Show[Graphics3D[{Sphere[], {PointSize[0.03], Point /@ pts}}]];

This shows the points and the sphere. But then I don't know how your points
are located. You might try adjusting your PlotRange. The default
PlotRange -> Automatic sometimes does strange things. Are all of your points
actually far outside the sphere? If I make the radial distance of the points
between 400 and 500 and use Sphere[0.2] for your last case I get what you
get. Use PlotRange and Axes -> True to make certain you are getting the same
scale on each of the plots. Also check what the actual radii of your points

David Park
djmp at

> From: Robert B. Love [mailto:rlove at]
To: mathgroup at
> I'm trying to show a cluster of points outside a sphere in 3D.  When
> I plot just the points it works fine.  I use:
> Show[Graphics3D[{PointSize[0.03],Map[Point,pts]}]];
> where pts is a list read in from a file.
> When I try to add the sphere at the center by using:
> Show[Graphics3D[{Sphere[],{PointSize[0.03],Map[Point,pts]}}]];
> then all I see is the sphere.  If I change Sphere[] to Sphere[0.4]
> then I see the points only, not the sphere.
> What is going on here?  Any suggestions on how to combine the 3D
> images so that both are visible would be appreciated.
> --
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>  Bob Love
>  rlove at
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